Summer 2022


¨ Summer 2022 Camps May 31 through July 29.

¨ Summer Camp hours of operation are 6:30 am to 6:15 pm, Monday—Friday.

¨ These Camps are for grade school children (Completed K – 4th grade)

¨ A balanced lunch, morning & afternoon snacks included.

¨ Camps are weekly. Camp Tuition is $220. per week.

¨ Each week of camp is theme based. All curriculum and activities are designed to fit the theme.

¨ Our camps are designed to let each child explore, play and learn in a safe loving environment.

¨ All camps stay on campus.

For more information about Summer at The Climbing Tree, Contact Amber Harmon


 May 31 – June 3 | Ocean Camp

This week we will dive down in the depths to learn all about what lives below the water along with the ecosystem that is the beach. We will be learning about different animals, their homes, different oceans and currents and how we can protect our waters. What lies under the sea is a fascinating journey we can experience together!


June 6—10 | Art Camp

This week of camp is designed to bring out the creativity in every child. Campers will have the opportunity to explore many types of art and seek    inspiration for their own masterpieces. Creativity will come alive with all of the hands-on activities we have planned!


June 13 – 17 | Chef Camp

We’re cooking up delicious eats and sweets this week. We will move beyond the basics and stretch your child’s baking and cooking skills. Campers will learn about measurements, following directions, and important techniques like  folding, whisking and rolling while creating a variety of recipes. Yum!


June 21 – 24 | Frozen Camp (Winter in June)

When temperatures rise it is time to think cool! We are bringing the Arctic to Texas this week with winter themed games, crafts, and activities. Be sure to bundle up!


June 27 – July 1 | STEM

This week we’ll examine the world of science, technology, engineering, and math that surrounds us. Test your skills and improve your knowledge as we experiment with everyday materials. We will work together to think like scientists with hands-on activities that engage your child’s curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving. We have the blueprint for summer camp success and fun!


July 5 – July 8 | Missions Camp-Serving God and Others

This theme focuses on how youth can be of service at home, school, and in life in general. Drawing from the bible, children will learn ways they can add value to humanity. Campers will be encouraged to live with a servant’s heart by using each child’s gifts and talents to service others.


July 11 – 15 | Science in Color Camp

This week a prism of colors comes to life! We will explore a rainbow of  colors through hands-on science and sensory experiments. From Oobleck to tie dye; we will delve into a palette of experiences!


July 18 – 22 |The Great Outdoors

The natural world is a giant, open ended laboratory. Children are innate scientist and love to explore the sights, scents, sounds and textures of the outdoors. Nature provides countless opportunities for discovery, creativity, problem solving and we will experience it all this week.


July 25 – 29 ~ Game Week

Get ready for a week of games, challenges, and activities! We will focus on all sorts of games, both active and board: card games, party games, quiet activities, energetic activities, indoor games, thinking games, and outdoor activities – we have them all! We will have an opportunity to create our own games, as well! Ready, set, go!