The Zirkel Family Mission


OUR MISSION To minister with the Methodist Church in Costa Rica. Ray is an ordained elder in the Methodist Church and serves as a professor at the Evangelical Methodist Seminary. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Methodist High School and Elementary School and he helps to plant and develop local congregations. Lidia is the director of the Methodist Children´s Home. We host approximately 25 short-term mission teams each year who work on a variety of church related ministries.



OUR MINISTRY Our particular ministry within the Methodist Church of Costa Rica has evangelism and formation of lifelong disciples as two of its main components through the planting of churches and equipping of local leaders through education and pastoral training. We also strive to express our love of God and neighbor through the ministries of the Children’s Home and the Wesley Clinic.’


OUR PRAYERS For wisdom and direction as Lidia provides leadership at the Methodist Children’s Home and Ray continues to investigate and write on the history of the CR Methodist Church in its centennial year.


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