Christ Church Mission’s Ministry

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Serving incarcerated men in the Hightower Prison Unit in Dayton, Texas, through seven different programs. Christ Church Contact: Steve Miller
Serving homeless and low-income in Montgomery County.  Christ Church prepares and serves lunch the first Thursday of each month. 
Christ Church Contact: Pam Salter
Serving women and their partners by providing whole person care for sexual health and pregnancy decisions.
Christ Church Contact:  Dennis Hallaron
Serving homeless families by utilizing faith communities and their buildings. To sign-up to serve when families stay at Christ Church, CLICK HERE. For any questions the Coordinator is Cristi Faulkner 
Serving the residents of Tamina (located east of I-45 from The Woodlands), providing critical resources for families and individuals to improve their lives.  Christ Church Contact: John Specht
Serving the poor, homeless, youth, addicted and afflicted in Montgomery Country. Christ Church Contact: Dave Teall
serving human trafficking victims. Christ Church Contact:  Linda Hoffman

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Plain Gospel Mission 
Serving the Albergue of Galeana, Neuvo Leon, Mexico which supports teenagers as they continue their high school education with housing, food, school supplies, and nurturing Christian environment.  Also supports local village churches.   See our Volunteer page for current mission trip dates and details.  Christ Church Contact: Pam Salter
Serving the church, children’s home, seminary, and Wesley Clinic in San Jose, Costa Rica.  
serving the persecuted church around the world.  Christ Church Contact:  Sue Teall
serving through Matthew and Rachel Woods in Paupa New Guinea, translating the bible into native and local dialects.
helping families flourish through discipleship, biblically-based training, savings services, and small loans to unlock  potential. Serving in the areas of Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia where poverty is stifling dreams and opportunities are scarce.
serving the area around Juarez, Mexico, through Ty Thurman and his family by hosting short-term mission teams that partner with the local church in construction, medical, and evangelistic projects as well as service to the children’s home.