Christ Church UM Choral Scholars Program

Purpose and Description

The Christ Church UM Choral Scholars program is designed to encourage involvement of high school students in the Christ Church music program. It provides young people an opportunity to sing with a church choir with the goal of fostering lifelong participation in music ministry. 

The Choral Scholars program offers up to four $1000 (yearly – $500 for 1st semester, $500 for 2nd semester) scholarships to high school students who apply and are selected for the program.

Qualifications and Expectations

Any high school student actively enrolled in school is eligible to apply. Full participation and membership in the Christ Church UM Choir is required. This includes weekly rehearsals on Wednesday evening (6:30 -8:30 pm) and two (2) Sunday morning worship services (7:45am to 12:30pm commitment). Participation in Christmas Eve services, which may not fall on a Sunday, and up to two special concerts may be required. Occasional absences (up to 3 per each of the 2 semesters) from rehearsals and/or performances may be permitted with prior approval. 

This opportunity will be challenging. The amount of music learned and the pace and number of performances may be greater than that typical in high school, but recipients have a chance through this scholarship to receive funds for future educational purposes while doing something that you love to do.

Application Process

Step One – Complete and submit the application below.

Step Two – Auditions will be held on Saturday, November 6th. Click the link below to sign up for audition time. Audition requirements include a short interview, one prepared solo, sight reading and aural evaluation. 

Step Three – A committee selected by the Christ Church UM Director of Worship & Music will evaluate the interviews and auditions of all applicants and select up to four individuals (one soprano, one alto, one tenor, one bass) to fill the Choral Scholars’ positions. Positions will be offered at the beginning of the school year typically but may be offered at other times as the Christ Church UM music ministry may deem necessary. 

Contractual Highlights

Christ Church UM will agree to pay individuals selected as Choral Scholars the amount of $1000 intended for use as a scholarship for current or future education. Scholarships will be paid in two installments ($500 in December – 1st semester, $500 in June – 2nd semester) following the completion of all stated duties.  

*Note: The 1st semester of 2021 will be prorated to $200 for a start date of Sunday, Nov. 28.

Choral Scholars are also invited and encouraged to participate in the youth ministry of Christ Church UM or their home church.
Please click and fill out the Application, References and choose an Audition time below.