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Your Writing Team: Rev. Melinda Owens, Rev. Vivian Kinnear, and Rev. Ellen Kent
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Advent is a short church season in which we celebrate the coming, or “adventing” of our Lord into this world.  God comes by breaking His time (Kairos) into human time (Chronos) as heaven and earth are united through the gift of His Son.  It’s a time for us to prepare ourselves for the real Christmas event, Jesus’ birthday.  By real, we mean filtering out distorted traditions, worldly habits and distractions, and removing commercialism which may have crept into how we approach this miraculous God event. 

This year, we prepare by returning to the original Advent story, the story surrounding Immanuel.  Only in Isaiah and Matthew do we encounter this prophetic proper pronoun.  So it is to the prophet Isaiah (chapters 7,8,9) and the apostle Matthew (chapter 1) we turn our ears to listen to their telling of his story. 

Immanuel unfiltered is our goal.  It means for us to hear the original version of the advent story. It is unfiltered in its revelation of the genuine, authentic love of God for his people.  His ways are not our ways (Isaiah 55:8-9); His thoughts are not our thoughts because His thoughts and ways are higher than ours.  We must consider then that His love also is far greater than any love we can ever imagine.  In Immanuel unfiltered, we will see examples of some of His greater thoughts and ways that give us a glimpse of His higher love before it climaxed in the manifestation of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This study is designed to be self-paced.  Set your own tempo as you cover the material for each week.  You will find suggested answers for the Study the Text section at the back of this booklet.  Listen to the pastor’s weekly video devotional which will come to you electronically.  Then, gather once a week with others to share the Group Time section where you will craft each story as it is revealed to us in today’s times. 

We pray for heaven and earth to collide in a fresh revelation of Immanuel as we reflect upon God’s Word, unfiltered.