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The Table

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What is 'The Table'?

Church doesn't end just because the worship service is over. "Church" is the body of Christ seeking God's kingdom, not just an event on Sunday morning. Prayer, service, study and fellowship are important aspects of faith that shouldn't be restricted to the hour we sit in a pew. That's what the Table is all about. It's a private social network, just for our church, that enables us to connect 24/7, not just on Sunday.

The Table is our new online community at Christ Church. Pull up a chair!

How do I join?

You can sign up for the Table by clicking on the image found below:

Once I join, how do I get started?

  • Upload your own profile pic. This will help people learn who you are.
  •  Fill out the ‘About Me' section with your interests, gifts and skills. This will help connect you with others at church.
  • Browse ‘People' and click to map view to find others from church who live near you.
  • Go to the ‘Prayer Wall' and submit a prayer, or pray for someone. Click on ‘pray now' and the person will be notified that you prayed for them--instant encouragement!
  • Check out ‘Groups' and join one if you're interested. If you meet with others at church already or would like to start an interest group, go ahead and create one. If you're already a group leader, consider using the Table for your group!

Need help?

If you need help with the Table, you can check out the Table's help section or you can download any of the help guides listed below: